Daily Bulletin

EARLY OUT: School will dismiss Wednesday at 1:00 for teacher's meetings.

TODAY'S MENU: Chicken Nuggets, Potatoes and Gravy, Green Beans and Pineapple and Spinach or Salad Bar

TABLE WASHERS: This week: Sophia Sieker, Raul Sosa, Sydney Shipps, Daryn Phillips, Jacy Bolton and Becky Sutcliffe

VOLLEYBALL: Alyssa Harper turn in your uniform ASAP!

VOLLEYBALL: The following girls need to turn in cookbook money: Mackenzie Irvin, Jenna Eastwood, and Sheremie Kaiser.

GRADES 4-6: DART meets in the LMC at 3:10 on Monday, Jan. 26, because of the early out next Wednesday.

BASKETBALL: 85TH ANNUAL ARCHIE BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT: (Jan. 26-31) Tonight the girls play Hume at 4:30- bus; 3:15. The boys play Midway Tuesday night at 9:00- bus; 7:30.