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Weekly Classroom Spotlight

Mrs. Richmond Pre-School Classes

October was a busy month for preschool and November is shaping up to be the same. We started the month  learning about fire safety. The Drexel Fire Department visited our classroom.  The students got to try on their gear and explore the fire engine. What a wonderful experience!        Next preschool was learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin, what they need to grow, the parts of . . .

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October Students of the Month


This October, students were given the opportunity to showcase their Cooperation in the classrooms.  October is also National Bullying Awareness Month, so students took time to learn about how to identify bullying and how to handle bullying using the Acronyms M.E.O.W (Mean or rude, Emotionally, physically, or verbally hurtful, On purpose, Whenever they can) and R.O.A.R (Recover or Rally, Only support, Advise, Report).  While . . .

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Weekly Classroom Spotlight

Mr. Oram's STEM Class

The past few weeks, the students in the JH STEM class have been creating catapults to launch candy pumpkins. The students have studied physics concepts and the six simple machines to help guide them with the project. They used this knowledge, along with the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and record data with their "Mini Pumpkin Chunkin" project. They will put their skills and knowledge to the test . . .

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Lunch Calendar

                                   November Lunch Menu                                                                                   . . .

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