Drexel R-IV School received the Ingram 's Magazine Award for one of the top high schools in our area

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Bill Johnston, Superintendent
Laurie Jacklovich, Elementary Principal
Dennis Bolton,
High School Principal


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Chris Collins, President
Brad Lancaster, Vice-President
Brenda Hadley, Treasurer
Lynn Stark, Member
Jill Collins, Member
Ronnie Jacobs, Member
Tim Eastwood,, Member
Kara Smith, Secretary

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Christmas Message

The Christmas Holidays are a great time for reflection. This time of year I often find myself thinking about the things I value most – my Lord and Savior, quality time with family and friends, education, my basketball team, and the caring people I work with on a regular basis. I am reminded again of just how much we at Drexel R-IV School District have to be thankful for; dedicated and inspiring instruction and support service staff at our school; motivated and eager students; and involved families, to name a few.

During the Holiday season our efforts and thoughts turn to giving. The season affords all of us a great opportunity to reflect on our blessings and realize the true meaning of the season. The staff and students of Drexel R-IV are very busy at this time of year with schoolwork, performances, and athletic events. Even with all of this, our students and staff continue to find time to think of others and reach out to those less fortunate. I am always amazed and humbled with the abundance and wide variety of community projects that take place here at our school. Thank you for your passion, persistence, love and generosity in making these things happen. Through the efforts of our students and staff both individually and collectively, we do make a difference to others and that is a great thing. That is why we are here really, TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR OTHERS!!

I have been to several events over the last few weeks and we have also had the privilege of students being recognized for outstanding achievements throughout this first semester. What particularly struck me during these events I attended was the look of pride on the faces of our students. Watching the glow of pride on the faces of the adults in attendance was almost as interesting and telling as the expressions on the faces of our students.

For teachers I know this expression of pride comes as we approach the end of the fall semester filled with hard work. There is a reward of knowing that you have influenced the lives of the young people you work with, on a daily basis. There is also a sense of relief that the semester is almost over and a vacation is but just a few days or hours away. We are all ready for a vacation and the opportunity to enjoy the celebrations of the season with our families and friends.

On behalf of the Administration and Board of Education we wish our staff a very safe and happy holiday season and on behalf of the entire staff here at Drexel R-IV, I would like to extend our wish that the joy, peace and contentment of the season be yours. However you are spending this holiday season, we wish you good health, the pleasure of spending special time with family and friends and a New Year filled with hope and optimism.

Bill Johnston

Superintendent of Schools
Drexel R-IV School District

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