Drexel R-IV School received the Ingram 's Magazine Award for one of the top high schools in our area

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Bill Johnston, Superintendent
Laurie Jacklovich, Elementary Principal
Dennis Bolton,
High School Principal


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Board of Education Members

Chris Collins, President
Brad Lancaster, Vice-President
Brenda Hadley, Treasurer
Lynn Stark, Member
Jill Collins, Member
Ronnie Jacobs, Member
Tim Eastwood,, Member
Kara Smith, Secretary

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Drexel Staff “Stress Relief” Professional Development Day Turns Out “PURRRRFECT”

Working in a school as an administrator, teacher or support staff individual can cause one’s stress level to rise. When you add in the commotion of construction, being forced to move out of your classroom, having to teach in other’s room during their plan hour, your room not having heat or just being forced out of your routine. The stress level goes even higher. Then add in the tragedy of a student’s passing and it can become too much.

With this in mind the administration decided the staff at Drexel deserved a day just to remember what it is like to laugh!! At 1:15 pm the staff gathered in the library for what they were informed would be an afternoon of digging into the Crystal reports test data and creating pie charts from this data. After a short presentation they were left alone to sit and wonder what was going on. Mrs. Jacklovich then returned and let them in on the secret that we were providing them with “Crystal Light” to drink and apple or pumpkin pie to enjoy. After they were all seated in the gym enjoying their refreshment Mr. Bolton informed the staff how much they are appreciated and the difference they make each and every day. During his talk there was a noise at the kitchen door and when he went to investigate it was the …. CATSUIT GUYS!!!!

After a very impressive entrance to music and dance, the CATSUIT GUYS discussed with the staff how being happy is a choice. Shared with them the difference teachers had made in their lives and their philosophy of “Fun-damism” . The CATSUIT GUYS are John Stoner, a 1999 graduate of Drexel, and his life-long friend Paul Long. They gained notoriety during the Royals season and have been helping people feel good ever since.

The staff enjoyed their presentation which included movements to get the blood pumping, providing compliments to each other and just overall feeling of joy! The staff then participated in some fun games to keep the feelings and laughter going. The CATSUIT GUYS stayed after the presentations for many photo opportunities for the entire staff.

Again, the administration really wanted to show the staff how much they are appreciated and to remind everyone to smile more!! Thanks again to John Stoner and Paul Long for helping bring the smiles back to the staff at Drexel!!!

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