Drexel R-IV School received the Ingram 's Magazine Award for one of the top high schools in our area

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Bill Johnston, Superintendent
Laurie Jacklovich, Elementary Principal
Dennis Bolton,
High School Principal


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Board of Education Members

Chris Collins, President
Brad Lancaster, Vice-President
Brenda Hadley, Treasurer
Lynn Stark, Member
Jill Collins, Member
Ronnie Jacobs, Member
Tim Eastwood,, Member
Kara Smith, Secretary

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A letter from Mr. Bolton


What a great start to another exciting year at Drexel High School!  We are already at the mid-term of the first quarter and everything is in full swing.  Students have studied and taken exams, friendships have been renewed, new students are now familiar with their new surroundings and all sports teams have kicked off their 2014-15 season!!

The 2014-15 school year stated off with us welcoming two new faces to the Drexel Staff, Ms. Kerry Elbel and Mr. Andrew Brown.  Ms. Elbel is the new head of the outstanding FFA / AG programs.  Ms. Elbel joins the staff from the University of Missouri.  Mr. Andrew Brown is leading the choral and instrumental music programs.  Mr. Brown graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.  He then received 2 master’s degrees from the University of Missouri in jazz pedagogy and trombone performance.  Please stop by and say hi to these two energetic individuals.

In closing, I want to recognize, and congratulate, the students and staff for their efforts last year in working to improve the MAP/EOC test scores.  This improvement along with improvements in other areas helped the Drexel School District to improve its APR score for the school year of 2013-14.  The district showed an overall gain of 8.2% as we earned 129 points out of a possible 140.  Great job BOBCATS!!





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